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The Book They Said Could Never be Filmed...

  • "Edward Lee is to horror novels what Spain and S. Clay Wilson were to Underground Comics over twenty-five years ago--funny, evil, perverse as it is humanly possible to get...and gleefully outrageous about it. I'd say we got us a whole new sub-genre goin' here, boys and girls-- splatterspunk!" -- Jack Ketchum, Award-Winning author of Off Season, The Girl Next Door, and Red

  • "A demented Henry Miller of horror. Sexually revolting, outrageous, disgusting, THE BIGHEAD is the sickest piece of fiction I've ever read!" -- Douglas Clegg, author of Goat Dance, Children's Hour, and The Halloween Man.

  • "An outrageous, over-the-top gross-out! A must for any reader who thinks s/he's shockproof! Should carry a warning: do not read on a full stomach.... Far and away the grossest novel I've ever read!" -- Lucy Taylor, author of The Safety of Unknown Cities, Close to the Bone, and Spree

  • "Never have I been so ashamed of myself for laughing so hard at something so utterly depraved!" -- John Mason Skipp, co-author of Light at the End, The Bridge, and Animals.

  • "The grossest book I've ever read, an all-you-can-stomach fictive fanfare of nonstop perversity, pulp horror themes yanked inside-out with a vengeance, forabsolutely shocking entertainment. THE BIGHEAD would make the Marque de Sade wince!" --T. Winter-Damon, author of Rex Miller: The Complete Revelations, and over 250 stories
...Is now the movie you won't believe anyone dared to make.

Edward Lee's The Bighead Trailer

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